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Poster: FTMA Date: Jan 25, 2012 2:14pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: new video/audio player 'opt in' is live!

You really don't want my feedback; I am angry enough to yell foully at the screen. But here it is anyway. I see someone mentioned "criminals" at certain other sites/companies in the feedback; how about "criminals" at tis site? I don;t like being forced to okay a site sticking things into my computer in order to see content; no matter how many times I click "deny" on the so-called request it always comes back up within 2 seconds of having disappeared. Pretty tough to see anything around that bloody big square right in the middle of the screen. Clearly, one does not watch anything here without getting junk stuffed into their comp whether they want it or not. Equally infuriating, it is necesarry to make an account, allowing yet more junk stuffed into one's computer by the site, just to say anything about this. And after having been forced to make an account in order to say anything about the forced junk on the computer or you don;t get to see anything, the site doesn't put you back where you where but sticks you into the home page of the entire site so you must begin all over. Gee, Thanks. No thanks. And BTW, it's BS like this that sets off problems in a good number of veterans trying to cope with the ever rising stresses of everyday life around humans who refuse to deal with the fact that we came out of the service with TBI/PTSD. Just great to find the same BS at home while trying to relax and destress a little. I've only seen one or two other sites that won;t take "deny" for an answer when trying to steal space on my comp to keep track of my personal whatevers. I avoid them too. Shame on you.

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Poster: tracey pooh Date: Jan 25, 2012 4:36pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: new video/audio player 'opt in' is live!

sorry, are you referring to the small cookies we use to set your preference for opting-in and such?

if you'd like, i can enumerate most of the cookies we might use...

[cookie name] [cookie value] [why]

newplayer jw [tells us you "opted in" to our new A/V player, so we dont have to ask you every /details/ page]

avpref flash [tells u you want flash only for the new A/V player]

the converse of any of those is the cookies are just plain removed.

we have a few more cookies related to login (that's quite standard)
and maybe just 1 or two more.

or maybe i'm way off track?
are you talking about cache size of A/V pieces for playback in your browser?

please help us understand -- and sorry for the extreme anger/frustration we've caused you!!

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Poster: pegz Date: Jan 28, 2012 8:24am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: new video/audio player 'opt in' is live!

It's amazing how this posting has stuck in my head ever since I read it days ago! He was obviously pretty upset.
I can only imagine 2 scenarios where the above would have happened -
1 - it's a brand new computer, the Flash player has been chosen, but Flash isn't installed yet.
2 - It's a very old computer, the html5 player has been chosen, but the browser doesn't support it. (Do you have a 'suggest an browser upgrade' message?)
I can think of no other situation where IA would ask anyone to install anything!

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Poster: tracey pooh Date: Jan 31, 2012 7:37pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: new video/audio player 'opt in' is live!

hi pegz,

yah, it's really stuck with me, too...

to answer your questions:

with our old player, we definitely make a nice red message (w/ link to adobe to get/upgrade flash) if flash is not installed or too odl.

for new player, if html5 is not possible in browser, and if flash is not installed, the click-to-play will become a download link.

i'm adding some changes now that will try to deduce if you're not able to get the player to work, etc...